2013 | 9:58


2013 | 11:45

DVD projection with sound; dimensions variable.

Mirroring the flux of dreams and memories, travel footage from a period of intense image gathering (roughly the 1990s) is woven into a grainy hypnotic tapestry; video into dream, dream into video. Dream Travel and Travel Dream are designed to be shown together.

“McElwee is an alchemist, transforming footage — from ancient architectural monuments, nature and contemporary structures — into imaginative movements that bring the viewer to recognize the temporal nature of all we consider sacred. In a dream-like sequence with ethereal musical accompaniment, figures move slowly around both familiar and mysterious spaces. McElwee masterfully brings universal themes — life and death, sublimity and cruelty, beauty and tragedy — to new depths in relation with all that is.” Dickson Beall, Webster-Kirkwood Times

“Dream Travel is both a shamanic journey and a formally inventive synthesis.” Peter Rose, Filmmaker “Beautiful, compelling… deliriously ecstatic.” David Finkelstein, Film Threat