1996 | 10:11

Transfinite Loops is a reflection on the mind’s tendency to create metaphysical order in the face of chaos. The piece is both a model and a metaphor for that process. Nighttime images of carnival rides appear, mesh and then dissolve into blackness, accompanied only by the sound of wind. The work unfolds like a series of thoughts, as time and space are unraveled and woven back together into intricate knots.

“As gorgeous as any fireworks display, Van McElwee’s Transfinite Loops invents dazzling astral patterns.” -Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Vivid video origami erupts into a blizzard…leading out of time & space” -TL Reid, Afterimage

“Transfinite Loops is infectious, life-affirming and beautiful. It makes you feel good.” -David Bonetti, St. Louis Post-Dispatch