Imagine a graphic musical notation that is constantly changing, branching into new variations of itself. Pitch, duration, choice and chance are determined by mutating flow charts that drive their sounds into multiple streams of novelty and chaos. Featuring a live recording of Mike Murphy’s interpretation of Score in Variation Space. In the words of Mike Murphy (aka dr. Mabuse):

“This soundtrack is a recording of my live performance during a screening of Score In Variation Space at the Winifred Moore Theater In St. Louis Missouri on 25 Feb. 2023. I used an array of 5 individually-controlled analog voices consisting of self-made electronics. I chose analog sound sources because the component images in S.I.V.S. are hand-drawn. Likewise, I mirrored McElwee’s use of symbols by constraining the intervals that my instruments could produce autonomously to the western 12-note chromatic scale. The spontaneous, improvised elements of the performance are manifested in the rhythmic gestures, tempi, and the tuning of all five of the voices, all of which were under direct manual control. I used only continuous control voltage devices to play the piece and no keyboards were used.”