1998 | 17:19

Luxor, Egypt, meets Luxor, Las Vegas, calling into question the nature of reality through a meltdown of the real and the replica. Each world is suspended and then reborn in the realm of video as past, present and future merge into one pulsing electronic moment. Luxor is also designed as a single channel installation.

“With its resplendent images, Luxor lures us into glittering hieroglyphic displays and sparkling sands as we ponder the mystery of where one location ends and another begins.” – TL Reid, Afterimage

“The ‘real’ archaeological site meets its modern day ‘replica’ in Vegas, as McElwee collapses culture and history in the high desert.” – Steve Seid, Curator, University Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California

“Mesmerizing…ingenious originality… Luxor’s images shimmer like a heat-wave mirage.” – Diane Carson, Riverfront Times, St. Louis