A video installation.

Six monitors are placed facing outward in a hexagonal mandala, subverting their conventional frontality. Here, visual fragments of the world come and go, as packets of visual energy are infused with the sound of the ocean. Watching Bindu should be like watching for the space between thoughts, paying attention to the process of thinking rather than the content. The title is from Sanskrit and can be translated as “universal seed-point.”

Direction, production and primary postproduction by Van McElwee on all works.
These animations describe a set of monitor installations that were shown variously in the US and Europe in the 1990’s and 2000. Venues include: The Kitchen in New York, Gallery Trabant in Vienna, Argos Gallery in Brussels, Art Amsterdam, Art Brussels, Scope London, Art Frankfurt, The International short Film Festival in Lille, France, KunstZurich, Switzerland, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and St. Louis University Museum of Art.